Last year I read Bogotá throws away between 360 and 600 tons of discarded clothes every single day. That seems to me like a lot, I can´t really visualize how much it is in terms of volume, but it must be huge. I felt I had to do something about it, from where I stand, to minimize somehow all that waste that is being created. Therefore, I thought everybody wears jeans, so that was a good place to start, recycling my friend’s old jeans, besides I like how used denim looks. A flyer and some help from my wife in social media got me going so soon I had enough used jeans to start a collection. My color palette is always very limited, three to four colors but this time I chose to work only black and the different hues that used jeans have. I cut the jeans open by the leg, which leaves a weird looking flat fabric from where my homeworkers cut smaller pieces for the garments. Sustainability comes by way of zero waste huipils, recycled jeans, end of roll fabrics and hand knitted sweaters sewn by homeworkers and knitted by local artisans. We make well-constructed garments for long lasting durability and wool and cotton are biodegradable.